Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dia Nacional Do Não Fumador

Today is the Portuguese non-smokers' day! Yey!

And just to tease him... instead of sending him a "Happy B-Day" I messaged Sílvex a "feliz Dia Nacional Do Não Fumador". I might send him a happy b-day later on... during the evening, though.
I also wished Julião a Happy non-smokers' day. He appreciated the fact that our faculty wants to keep the buildings smoke-free from today on, eventhough he's a smoker.
Oh well.

I started browsing the FEUP and the TU sites for the time tables... what could I do next semester. I really don't know whether to stay or not; not even according to which criteria I should decide ... and there are so many... career, personal reasons, opportunity etc etc...
It's kinda bad either way. I don't find courses at FEUP next semester to choose... and in Berlin... it's similiar. If I return in a summer semester... that's the same turn I left. It'd be nicer to return in a winter term so I can choose new courses.
I really don't know! Mind boggling... makes me crazy... I ponder about it every day.
My sister talks to me again. I really can't tell whether things are just getting better or not. I finally got them 5th year mechanics guys to go out w/ me upcoming Saturday, I really appreciate Portuguese company more than foreigners' (no offense), foreigners = other exchange students. I think it's normal that it takes some time until you really make friends who will meet you outside of uni. I think it took me actually much longer in Berlin. I remember e.g. making friends w/ Torsten in 2nd semester... but when the heck did we meet outside uni... only some semesters later I guess. I wasn't even friends w/ Bert in 2nd semester... I think we all got closer in 3rd semester when we did "basics of electrical engineering".
Some things need time. Maybe staying half a year is more of a waste of time than staying one year... Since it's nothing real (nichts Halbes und nichts Ganzes. Or is staying one year more of a waste?... could either be "a waste"?


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