Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rally das Tascas

The next event organized by the ESN was a bar rally. We bought vouchers for free shots at several bars in Oporto. It started near the reitoria and went down to the river (Ribeira). Some bars at the Ribeira I had already known from last year when I went out w/ the guys from Vila Nova de Gaia (friends of Sílvio, but he didn't go w/ us).
I got to know another German but one that wasn't included in the 33 German ERASMUS students. I call him "der deutscher Römer". He's a guy who started his architecture studies in Rome, he called me clever when I knew that Italy in winter isn't so warm cos there are no heatings in the appartments. (Why's that clever... I remember last winter in Sílvio's house... wasn't warm, no, eventhough outside it was 14ºC)
I got home too late and on the next day, Friday, I had "Industrial Computation" at 8:30am. I actually went there... I had slept 2.5h... I slipped on the stone stairs in the entrance hall of my faculty... and had this really big blue spot on my left knee. Also I nearly fell asleep during the lecture. 30mins before its end (total time 2h) I just decided to go home and take a nap. I still had to go to the faculty of Arts to inscribe for the Portuguese diagnosis test next Thursday.
Damn, was I wasted...
Some pics I took during the Rally.


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