Thursday, May 11, 2006

Queima #2

On 8th of May I went to Parque da Cidade just to see the concerts. I hadn't found anyone to keep me company but at least my dad drove me there.
("Wow!! Look, they rebuilt the road!! It's not broken anymore!! Wow!! And hey!! That monument!! Looks futuristic!" - "... Dad... are you sure you live in this city? How long haven't you been in this part of the city...??")

The first concert at 22:00 (10pm) was Boss A.C., a Portuguese rapper of African descent. He's pretty popular at the moment. Unfortunately I only knew some songs and not too well. But he seemed to be a very nice person, not conceited at all.
The reason I was there, though, were the Orishas!!
Johannes ("João" :P) had given me (a copy of) their CD on my last birthday. He had nearly forgotten my b-day... and didn't have time to come to the party (cos he had forgotten my b-day... it's exactly 5 months after yours, duh!!! men... :P) but in a total rush he stuffed this CD in my hands.
Which turned out to be a really really great CD.
I think he had already introduced me to their music one day that I was at his place. He said Adrián doesn't like the lyrics (he's Guatemalan, he actually understands them haha...can't say the same about me :P).
I had already missed a concert of the Orishas in Portugal last summer but now was the opportunity!! And only 5€ altogether!!
Orishas de.wikipedia
Orishas en.wikipedia
Orishas pt.wikipedia

The concert was spectacular!!! (how the Portuguese would say)
And I instantly fell in love with Yotuel, one of the rappers. What charisma!! Positivity, playfulness,... and I won't even mention what he can do with his hips :P
Ha! Had never seen pictures of Los Orishas, the CD cover only had a drawing. How could you keep such an important detail from me!! One of the best-looking men, ever! (Eventhough looking at his picture doesn't come any close to seeing that man live on stage)
The music was totally great!! Super sound!! Super show!!

I'm just always disillusioned what kind of "cold latinos" the Portuguese are. Hey, can't you participate in a concert the way it deserves it?? If you just want to listen go home and listen to your HIFI!!! (Lame :P)
Poor Orishas... Cuban guys... who really live music... who have many concerts in front of enthusiastic crowds... and then they come to Oporto and they nearly fall asleep...

After the concert I ran into Micau, a friend of Mark (the German-Portuguese guy), Micau is from the Cap Verdian Islands. I complaint to him about the lame Portuguese :P.
Also met Pedro and his buddy from mechanics 3rd year.
Micau persuaded me to have a beer with him and have a look around the Queima.

Damn! Things look totally different when you're not drunk :P... disturbing...
When Micau met his friends I kinda had to wait for him eventhough I wanted to go home already. I gave up at some point and left w/o him. It was 3am.
This night I wanted to take the shuttle bus.
Waited 3/4 of an hour. No bus.
A girl passes "... erm... not saying anything, folks, but yesterday my friends waited 2h for this bus...".


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