Monday, May 22, 2006

Queima das Fitas #4

Also went to see The Gift (Portuguese electronic?pop band, singing in English) and DaWeasel (Portuguese hiphop, very good!) on Thursday 11th May, this time I actually found the correct shuttle bus!!! :P

Bought the ticket for Thursday on the very same day. Romy had asked me to buy her a ticket for Friday. First my bank card (multibanco) let me down but then I could buy the ticket for Thursday for myself and the ticket for Friday for Romy.
Ricardo told me he'd go there w/ his girfriend on Friday but when I decided to go with them there were no more tickets (for students).
When I tried to find out when and how to meet Romy to hand over her ticket she told me she's still tired from yesterday (she went to the Queima in Coimbra) and her friends wouldn't go. She told me to keep the ticket (which she hadn't paid yet).
We nearly missed all of the first concert "Fingertips"... some kind of Portuguese HIM (singing in English), then it was Melanie C...
The concert I liked least on the Queima... She sang all these new pseudo-rock songs that no one knew, the well-known old hits only at the end, the song that is currently in the charts in the encoure (!! how sad is that)...

After the concert we ate pão com chouriço - yum! :D
By the way Ricardo and his g/f are anti-alcoholics.


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