Friday, May 26, 2006

Imaginarius Santa Maria da Feira

20/05/05 -
I had asked Julião whether he'd go to see Imaginarius - International Festival of Street Theater - in his hometown Santa Maria da Feira.
He fetched me in Espinho, the casino/beach city some kilometers near Santa Maria da Feira.
Due to some hazzles we got there really late and we didn't see much of the theater, yet it was amazing. All people whether young or old came to Europarque to see the festival. There was a huge tend of "spiderwebs" that people could crawl under and there was a French Funk Band w/ a female African singer.

The atmosphere was cheerful and harmonic... seem like all people in Santa Maria da Feira are as positive as is Julião. Every minute he would run into someone he knew. A friend of him working in a bar even gave us two drinks and we didn't have to pay anything.
At the concert I got to know some of his best friends Sarinha (Sara), Ana and Renato.
I took to them a lot! Very kind people.
Renato even spoke a few things in German and guessed my Asian part correctly and when I gave him credit for it he felt kind of embarrassed and said he knew from my jacket - which was a pretext... my jacket is from Zara, a European brand.
His girlfriend Ana looks like Nicole Kidman. When I told Julião he said he never realized that. When it was getting chilly she put a black scarf around her head, now her piercing light eyes and the very red lips were even more underlined.
Sarinha is a 2nd year med student, behave in a very cute yet not annoying way.

In Renato's car I had to translate some lyrics of Rammstein for them (Ich will kein Engel sein).
When Julião drove me home all the way from Santa Maria da Feira to Oporto it was already past 3am. He borrowed me two cool CDs... Blasted Mechanism (some weird Portuguese band :) and gotan project (Belgian modern tango influenced music).

I always enjoy Julião's presence a lot, such a cheerful and vibrant guy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm glad to meet you and sorry for being late.

Prof. Ahn's name is korean transliteration of (Marie) Curie.(her father respects Marie Curie)

If your Korean name is '규리', tell me chinese character of your name. then I can explain the meaning of your name. :)

6:12 pm


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