Saturday, June 30, 2007

Asian Extras

I had seen a notice in uni that they were looking for Asian extras (=Komparsen, comparsas) for the next Wachowski Bros. movie (makers of Matrix Trilogoy).
Apparently it's SpeedRacer starring Christina Ricci and Korean superstar Rain (aka Bi).

So today I went there to sign up as an extra eventhough at some point I had hesisted: afterall I'm not Asian --- that thought flew away quickly. Most ppl can't tell anyways! I got lost in the beginning but then got there, filled out the form and had some fotos taken. (I hope they didn't turn out bad)
I was in the mood of sushi and lucky enough to pass the Orchidee Restaurant. They had a 4 yr jubilee and extra cheap lunch menus even w/ sushi and free green tea (all you can drink).
I had so enjoyed the Inside Out Rolls I had on my b-day and I was lucky again to find they have a Inside Out Lover-menu and I ordered an extra Spicy Tekka (spicy tuna!) set. I still crave sushi...
The rest of the day I spent doing and LaTeXing my homework...

At night I got to see "Enlightenment Guaranteed" (Erleuchtung garantiert) by Doris Dörrie and really enjoyed it. (Starring Uwe Ochsenknecht)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maggie Q dies hard

watched "Live Free or Die Hard" ("Strib langsam 4.0") w/ the guys.

Maggie Q kicks ass.

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