Friday, August 26, 2005

Reitoria (Rectorate) & Rita

On Friday, the 2nd day, I went to the U. Porto rectorate/International Relations Office cos I wanted to get the enrolement (Einschreibung) over w/. The porter (Pförtner) asked what I wanted so he could write it on a paper to inform Rita Sinde, the ERASMUS coordinator.
I said I wanted to go to the Office for International Relations, I told him so in Portuguese (Relações Internationais). So he asked me whether I already did a year in Portugal or whether I wanted to study here now. I answered "now" and I told him I was from Germany. But then he had doubts.
"So are you German and want to study here or are you Portuguese and want to study abroad??"
"Err. I'm from Germany and want to study here."
"I'm just so confused cos your Portuguese is so good!!"
"That's just the pronounciation, not the grammar!"


I was half an hour to early for the opening hours od Rita Sinde but I was told she'd receive me in some minutes. So I waited 5 minutes and then entered her office (she had MSN open on her computer haha). She told me enrolement wasn't possible before September but then I'd have to hurry cos they're expecting 600 (!) exchange students.

Sílvex surprised me in my father's shop. We went for a snack. (Or rather I had one, he didn't feel like eating or drinking, had just had lunch). Later I saw Miguel online on MSN, he was currently at the arquitecture faculty, not too far from my father's shop at the Rotunda da Boavista (rotunda: roundabout/rotary/Kreisverkehr). I told him I had seen only ONE notice for an appartment at my faculty. He said he'd quickly have a look whether there were any at his faculty and then confirmed that 'yes, many'. So I decided to go there, he then helped me to note them down. Afterwards we went to a café at the beach and talked.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

1st day

Torsten brought my mom and me to the airport by car, he had to leave soon. Later on Melanie came to TXL for the farewell. I was so happy they accepted my sports bag and my suitcase (total of 25kg), but later on I found out I can take a maximum of 30kg for a stay longer than 4 weeks.
I had to wait a whole while after the security check to enter the plane - it had first to be repaired...
The flight was normal, I tried to sleep, and I get frikkin' tired in the plane but I always wake up when my head tilts... The connecting flight in Palma de Mallorca (or is it "on"??) which was also an AirBerlin flight waited for the belated passengers from the TXL-PLM flight.
I was pretty lucky to get my bags early but when I tried to leave the waiting hall (where you pick up the baggage... what the heck do you call that?) the security guy stopped me, asking where I was from. I was puzzled. He didn't think I had the right to be on a flight from Palma, wanted to see my passport and ticket (he took me for an illegal girl from Macau you can bet).
Well... the German passport was enough ... He just unbelievingly mumbled my European (and also very Portuguese) first name and let me pass eventually.
My dad and my sister were already waiting for me. In the car I changed my boots (hey, I didn't want to put them into the suitcase which was already bursting) for some sandals. The weather was sunny but not too hot.
Right away after we were in the city center I took my little sister (15) to go to the faculty (mind you I didn't want to sit there bored in my dad's shop...). I was looking for a room. There was only one notice... I looked around the building a bit and then we sat outside at the parking to wait for our dad to pick us up, listening to disk man. Damn, it was chilly after I gave my jacket to my sis.

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