Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wild Car Ride

To be honest I didn't know walnuts come in green "fruits"! It was fun to collect the walnuts in their camps. Mark climbed one of the trees to shake it and make more nuts fall down, later on the oldest sister also went up. For more than a week my thumbs and my fingernails stayed dark brown from the walnut "ink". The oldest sister's boyfriend Pedro (he's Portuguese but also got fluent in Spanish) had arrived late at night. He was always joking around. When I got to talk to him alone for a while he told me that I was actually the 2nd "euro-asiático" he got to know. The other one he knew was a half-Danish-half-Japanese guy he had rented a room to. I asked whether he was more European or more Asian looking. Pedro said "To me he was a Japanese guy of this height!" (he indicated a really tall height). "His hair wasn't brown like yours, though", he said, "it was black."I gave him two big bonuses for 1) knowing the term Eurasian and 2) seeing that my hair is brown, not black. Thumbs up!We watched a Spanish animation movie "The Cid" after lunch and then had a sesta (siesta). After that we wanted to go swimming in the river close by. Mark and Diana didn't get going so her mother took me and we went to the river beach first. It was beautiful, but a bit late. The water was "fresh" to be euphemistic and we swam a bit. Later on Mark, Diana and Marciano arrived (just when we wanted to leave). At night Pedro took Diana, her oldest sister, Mark and me to Oporto by car b/c they wanted to go to a party. Pedro joked "If my driving stlye gets you sick, advise me!", I was like "yeah... sure...". In fact though, he seemed to drive much faster than Mark (it was late and he was in a hurry I guess), the street was always going left, right, left, right, up, down, left, right, sharp left, down, up, sharp right, up, down. I WAS getting sick! I tried to watch the street but it was too late. I was suffering but I didn't say anything... only after one hour when Pedro stopped the car I said to Mark in German "Mir ist wirklich schlecht geworden (I DID get sick)..." He told Pedro. While Mark didn't stop watching me w/ an air of empathy the rest of the night when we went to an ice café, Pedro seemed both boggled by a bad consciousness and angry, he had exclaimed "I TOLD her to advise me when she gets sick!!..."Instead of going to the party w/ them after the ice café and then after the party returning to Marco de Canavezes I asked them to take me home after the café. I kinda regretted not being able to stay another day in Marco' but on the other hand I spend a calm Sunday.


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