Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rodízio NON STOP

Mark invited me to go to a Brazilian restaurant at the Ribeira (side of Gaia) with him and his girlfriend. All the waiters were Brazilian and very nice, there was also some live music (band + female singer). Diana (Mark's g/f) said she had had so much food for lunch and just ordered a soup whereas Mark and I ordered a "Rodízio NON STOP", a meat madness.
Just to give you an idea: In Brazil instead of saying "that's a piece of cake" ("das ist ein Kinderspiel") they say "it's beef" ("das ist Rindfleisch") b/c beef is so common in Brazil. Brazilians eat a hell of a lot of meat (and lots of feijão=beans) and a Rodízio consists of rice, bananas, vegetables, feijão and then the waiter will bring you grilled meat of all kinds directly from the kitchen, you get some hot slices and the waiter goes to the next person, in a few minutes the next waiter will bring more meat (you get the idea of "Non Stop"?). I ate a hell of a lot! (My stomach hurt that night :P) Diana refused to have some of our food but she couldn't resist the bananas!
That night Mark and I still had to study for "Automation Systems". We went to Diana's place and as it was quite difficult to investigate on the questions Mark didn't bring me home before 2:30am X_X.
In the meanwhile I've quit "Automation Systems", the professor is a bit strange, he doesn't teach much, he always asks questions and if you can't answer you have to find out until the next time. Also there are many things I need to know I never learned in Berlin and 4 classes (all involve lots of work) is enough!
So I kept "Automatic Control" (3rd yr mechanical engineering), "Industrial Computation" 5th yr mechanical engineering), "Digital Control" and "Operational Investigation" (both 4th yr electrical engineering), all automation classes.


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