Sunday, September 11, 2005


Serena was in Fátima, a very famous place among Catholic pilgrims, since the morning hours. Romy and I had decided to take a bus some hours later. Which, after we finally found the bus station that was hidden inside a building (we were expecting it to be outside), we had to find out had already parted (well... who ever said the departure was at 9:50am when it was 9:30??). We walked around Coimbra some more until we could take the 12:30 bus. My legs were starting to ache from all the ups and downs (stairs etc) in Coimbra. The trip to Fátima was quick w/ the express bus. The sanctuary was full w/ ppl. I'm not very familiar w/ Catholicism (my grannies are Protestant). There were also ppl walking on their knees, a place to sacrifice candles to Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Unsere Liebe Frau vom Rosenkranz) and an half-open building for services (and a Basilika I didn't get to see). I took the bus that would arrive in Oporto at 19:30 and was home at 20:00.



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